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Closed Gates exclusively on Beatport

Taleamus’ release ‘Closed Gates’ is available exclusively on Beatport 16th December, 2010. Get your own copy from and check out the samples on YouTube. Closed Gates is released on Digital Insomnia Recordings, and it includes

  1. Closed Gates (Original Mix)
  2. Closed Gates (Arjona Remix)
  3. Closed Gates (Ben Hunt Remix)
  4. Closed Gates (Running Man’s Fifth Dimension Remix)
  5. Closed Gates (Q Bass Remix)
  6. Closed Gates (Rhodium Remix)

Taleamus – Closed Gates (Running Man’s Fifth Dimension Remix)

Running Man’s remix of Taleamus’ Closed Gates was supported by Manuel Le Saux in his Extrema 196 show. Closed Gates is Taleamus’ next release and it will be released on Digital Insomnia Records. Taleamus is honoured to be remixed by Running Man as he did really great job on his remix.

A set rip of Manuel Le Saux’ show is available on YouTube at so you can preview the track.