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Blue Trance Records

I make music mainly for the Blue Trance Records label though I have done remixes and have some releases coming out from other labels too. Blue Trance Records is founded by Teppo Herttuainen, a friend of mine and a member of Bluebear Project.

Nowadays there are many labels which get lost in the mass. So we want to differ from the mass. Our strengths are good togetherness, cheerful atmosphere and lovely people.

That’s how Teppo describes Blue Trance Records on its homepage. That’s a good reason why I love producing music for Blue Trance Records as what they say is all true. What has come out on Blue Trance Records in 2009, see the SlideShare presentation.

Also be sure to visit Blue Trance Records’ homepage at and check its profile on YouTube at to listen to what Blue Trance Records has released.